For many users around the world, POP3 type accounts are used as they are very easy to setup for users and internet providers as a way of downloading email to their computers.

Now, more internet providers are switching to IMAP type email accounts because storage is so cheap and IMAP allow emails to be stored on the internet providers servers as a way of backup. When using POP3, all your email is downloaded to your computer, and then removed from your internet providers servers.

MailWasher fully supports POP3 type email accounts and lets you preview your emails on the server quickly and easily so you can determine which of your email is good and which is spam. POP3 is really easy to setup in Mailwasher. It will either import your email account POP3 settings from your email program like Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail, or if you enter your email address in MailWasher it will auto-setup your email account for you.

MailWasher works with all email programs and webmail, so you can be sure you'll be able to get it to work with your email provider. It's spam filters range from simple friends and blacklists, RBL's, spam signature based filters, bayesian learning filters and you can even write your own custom filters.

MailWasher has a unique preview system lets you preview all aspects of your email before it gets to your computer. This lets you see who the email is really from and if the links point to the page they say they do (or not!). This helps you avoid being tricked by phishing emails and other scam emails.

You can download MailWasher Pro today and try it for free for 30 days.