With a range of antispam filters to choose from, MailWasher is a reliable and easy to use antispam solution. Download MailWasher today and manage all your emails in one place.

MailWasher has a range of comprehensive spam filters to help you block spam before it gets to your computer. Not only that, you can set these filters to auto-delete unwanted emails. But that's something you get to decide on once you're happy that MailWasher is marking your emails correctly.

Using MailWasher is simple.

1. MailWasher will check your email first on the server and try and identify good and spam email for you.

2. Cast your eye over the emails MailWasher has categorized, and if at first it doesn't quite get things right, then you can train those emails as good or spam and MailWasher will learn quickly from your preferences for next time.

3. Press the 'Wash Mail' button and MailWasher will remove unwanted spam from the server, so you can download the remaining good email you want, to your email program.

Friends List. When you first install MailWasher it will attempt to import your contacts from your email program. MailWasher will always mark these email senders as good.

Blacklist. These are emails you don't want to hear from again. Set to auto-delete if you need to.

RBL's and FirstAlert! External blacklists, RBL's look at blocked IP addresses and FirstAlert matches against known spam.

Custom Filters. If you really want to match something unusual or a subject line or anything really, you'll want to use a custom filter.

Learning Filters. When you train MailWasher using the thumbs up (good) and thumbs down (spam) in the Classify column, you're using the learning filters. These become really effective very quickly if you can take the time to classify about 20-30 emails, and then MailWasher will do all the work for you.

Spam Ratings. MailWasher lets you give more weight or prominance to some spam filters than others, so this can come in handy when you know the body of an email is spammy but the email comes from a faked contact on your friends list.