Gmail has a pretty good spam filter, but lots of Gmail users still love to use MailWasher as Gmail doesn't always get it right. When it's important - you can't afford to lose any emails.

Using Gmail with MailWasher is super easy. Add your Gmail account to MailWasher and import your Gmail contacts in to the Whitelist and you're set to go. We do recommend setting up MailWasher to use IMAP with Gmail because it means you'll be able to use MailWasher to scan and show all your Gmail folders, even the junk and trash folders.

You'll need to make sure IMAP is enabled in Gmail Settings, but if you're already using Gmail with an email program, then it's probably already enabled.

You can use unlimited email accounts with MailWasher, so that includes any Gmail,, Yahoo and every other kind. MailWasher makes it easy to check them all at once, or just a few at a time.

Being able to view everything about your messages before they get to your computer so you can determine if they’re really spam, scams or good email is very helpful. This means you can delete unwanted messages at the server so you only get the email you want.

MailWasher lets you view the email safely in plain text, but you can also inspect who it’s really from, who owns the company who sent it (WHOIS report) and all the hidden links.

Given that you can’t afford to lose any legitimate email, MailWasher lets you have the final say on it before letting you ‘Wash’ the spam away.